Apparel Services

QIMA offers comprehensive supply chain solutions to ensure the safety, quality and compliance of your products and suppliers.

We provide product quality inspections at all stages of the manufacturing process, including Initial Production Checks, During Production Inspections, Pre-Shipment Inspections and Container Loading Checks.

Dedicated QIMA inspectors verify that your apparel products meet your specifications and the requirements of your destination market to prevent quality problems, protect your brand’s reputation and avoid supply chain disruptions.

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Product Compliance

QIMA’s lab testing services ensure your apparel products comply with all relevant safety standards and regulations for your destination market.

Our global network of accredited laboratories and team of experts can conduct testing for your apparel products throughout the production cycle including pre-production, production and after-market.

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Supplier Assurance

Our full range of supplier audits assess your factory’s manufacturing capacities, quality management system, structural safety, social compliance or environmental impact to provide a complete and transparent picture of their performance.

QIMA is accredited to all major international standards, and our audits are designed to help your suppliers achieve continuous improvement.

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Why QIMA for Product and Supplier Compliance?

The QIMA Benefits

Supply chain intelligence: get supplier and quality stats in real time.

Industry leading turnaround time for audits, testing and inspections.

Online and mobile: manage your orders and access your data anywhere, any time.

All-inclusive pricing: flat rates for inspections and audits; instant quotes for testing.

Global coverage with operations in 85 countries.

Accreditations and Memberships

QIMA is a member of SAC, an alliance for sustainable production in the apparel, footwear and home textile industry.

QIMA is a member of AAFA, representative of over 1,000 world famous name brands and voice of the US apparel and footwear industry.

QIMA is a member of FDRA which supports nearly 500 companies and brands worldwide, representing 80% of the total US footwear sales.

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