Paraben-Free Cosmetics: Your Commitment Backed By Quality Safety Testing

As the public conscious puts more spotlight on health, safety standards, environmental protection, and honest advertising, the Cosmetics Industry is facing greater scrutiny than ever.

Indeed, the way you advertise your product can have serious ramifications for your business - especially if it is discovered that your skin care products cannot stand up to your claims.

For example, the use of parabens, a class of synthetic preservatives used to increase a cosmetic product's shelf life, has fallen under increased disfavor, as more and more studies point to their potential threat to human health and the environment. (Most recently, traces of parabens were even found in the bodies of marine animals.)

Parabens have been around for over half a century, earning their initial popularity due to their cost-effectiveness and ability to prevent bacterial growth (hence the extensive shelf life of cosmetics containing them). As of now, in 2018, parabens can still be legally used in products sold in the U.S.

Globally, however, legislation is beginning to lean towards the use of safer, alternative preservatives. This is the case in the EU, where five different types of parabens are currently banned: isopropylparaben, isobutylparaben, phenylparaben, benzylparaben and pentylparaben.

Establishing Progressive Manufacturing Standards

Whether or not you intend to market your cosmetics in EU-Member states, the bigger picture is always visible in the court of public opinion. When enough people in a society begin to believe that a substance should be disallowed in consumer products, legislation generally tends to follow.

More importantly, even before this kind of legislation is established, consumer advocacy has already drawn a line in the sand for your product. Depending on your choices, your brand may earn a reputation either as a conscientious company, or one concerned with profit above all other considerations.

The Importance of Cosmetics Lab Testing

So how can you know for sure that your product is safe for use - "Paraben-Free" - and likewise convey that to consumers who use multiple kinds of cosmetic products every day of their lives?

The truth is: without an experienced, technically efficient and scientifically knowledgeable Lab Testing Service with public safety as its abiding concern, you cannot be sure.

As parabens have been in use for so long in skin products (like makeup, deodorant and sunscreen), a large percentage of cosmetics factories are still unwilling to change their habits. Even if you communicate your specifications to your supplier and insist on a paraben-free production, you still cannot be sure: in modern supply chains, your factories can be half a world away, and you cannot take for granted their commitment to change. Besides, too many manufacturing plants are still willing to sacrifice safety for cheap alternatives in order to cut costs and increase their profits.

QIMA's Lab Testing and Inspection Service understands your desire to stand out as a cosmetics company willing to phase out parabens in favor of natural alternatives, not simply to conform to market regulations, but because it is the right course of action to ensure public and environmental safety.

We can bring product expertise to your cosmetics line, starting at the first stage of development (Quality Assurance) and continuing through every stage of production, including pre-shipment and labeling inspections.

With three in-house labs and a network of preferred partners, we bring you a testing program with global coverage and industry-leading turnaround time. Our reliable sampling procedures will ensure that we are testing your actual product, not a “perfect” sample prepared by your supplier.

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