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Die fünf Goldenen Regeln für ein erfolgreiches QC-Outsourcing-Programm

Die fünf Goldenen Regeln für ein erfolgreiches QC-Outsourcing-Programm

Best-Practices der Qualitätskontrolle der weltgrößen Marken und Händler

Dieses White Paper informiert Sie darüber :

  • Die Do's and Dont's bei der Einrichtung eines Programms zur Qualitätskontrolle (Kontrollen, Tests, Wirtschaftsprüfungen) entlang Ihrer Lieferkette.
  • Schlüsselerfahrungen großer Marken und Händler über das Kommunikationsmanagement mit Lieferanten und die Einrichtung der richtigen Ziele und KPIs.
  • Tipps zur Einrichtung eines ganzheitlichen Programmes und wie Sie keine Schlüsselelemente in Ihren Richtlinien zur Qualitätskontrolle vergessen.
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Your QC Program is Not an Afterthought

Establishing a truly effective and efficient quality control program is a complex process that involves thorough preparation and establishing working relationships with the many different stakeholders. To achieve lasting improvement and secure your supply chain, you need much more than simply dispatch inspectors and check products against a list of specifications.

At AI, we have distilled our extensive experience in quality control and compliance into the Five Golden Rules for Successful Quality Control:

Rule #1: Clearly Define Your Objectives and KPIs
Your internal teams must be crystal clear on what your QC program needs to achieve.

Rule #2: Get Real Involvement from Your Team and Your Suppliers
Without the collaboration between your team and your suppliers, the most beautiful and crafted quality control initiative may fail dramatically.

Rule #3: Have a Holistic Approach
The best quality control programs follow a systematic approach and include inspections, lab testing, and supplier audit programs.

Rule #4: Measure, Correct, Adjust, and Repeat
Your KPIs must go beyond the “pass/fail” rate – get detailed real-time data and be ready to adjust.

Rule #5: Know the Tricks
Some vendors will have an economic incentive to deceive you, so be prepared to convince or confront them as necessary.

Download the whitepaper to read the complete guidance for implementing each of the five golden rules and examples of their use by major brands and retailers.

Holen Sie sich das Whitepaper